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however, in any case. Everyone has skeletons. Netvantage Marketing: No. We only choose the disallowance route if we suspect a penalty is in place. Tony Randall: Call me crazy, but I wouldn't walk up to a cop and say, "Hey, someone left these drugs in my pocket." Would you like to know if a site has disavowed you? How many company employee list disavowals would it take before alarming you? Eric Lander: No. If you know what a disavow is, you should be comfortable with your own site (being disavowed). Feeling "alarmed" is not a productive state. Matthew Young: Yes, especially in cases where you suspect negative SEO. I would like to be notified immediately. Creative California: I think I would see lots of other signs that my sign was spam long before I noticed the disavows. Jesse Stoler: Yes, I would like to know. There is no reason to ignore the IMO in this



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